Wolfmother Hotel Brunswick

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13jun4:00 pmBearfootFREE ENTRY | SUNDAY SESSIONS

14jun5:00 pmMad Mexican Mondayfrom 5:00pm

15jun5:00 pmSchnitty Nightfrom 5:00pm

16jun5:00 pmSteak Nightfrom 5:00pm

17jun5:00 pm2 For 1 Pizzasfrom 5:00pm

17jun5:30 pmWeekly Raffles and Members DrawRaffles drawn at 7:00pm

18jun4:00 pmFreebie FridaysEvery Friday from 4:00pm

18jun6:00 pmSarah GrantFREE ENTRY | 6:00pm

19jun6:00 pmDirty Channel DuoFREE ENTRY | 7:00pm

20jun4:00 pmJay HoadFree Entry

21jun5:00 pmMad Mexican Mondayfrom 5:00pm

22jun5:00 pmSchnitty Nightfrom 5:00pm

23jun5:00 pmSteak Nightfrom 5:00pm

24jun5:00 pm2 For 1 Pizzasfrom 5:00pm

24jun5:30 pmWeekly Raffles and Members DrawRaffles drawn at 7:00pm

25jun4:00 pmFreebie FridaysEvery Friday from 4:00pm

25jun6:00 pmHarry NicholsFREE ENTRY | 6:00pm

26jun7:00 pmRogue ElementsFREE ENTRY | 7:00pm

27jun7:00 pmThe LyricalThis roots, hip hop, reggae singer, songwriter will blow your mind with his talent!


02jul6:00 pmGuy KachelFREE ENTRY | 6:00pm

03jul7:00 pmOle FalcoFree entry |7:00pm

04jul4:00 pmOKAFREE ENTRY | Sunday Sessions from 4:00pm

10jul7:00 pmSouthwallFREE ENTRY | 7:00pm

11jul4:00 pmPUSHSunday sessions from 4:00pm

16jul6:00 pmBig MusicFREE ENTRY from 6:00pm

17jul6:00 pmCadenceFREE ENTRY | 7:00pm

18jul4:00 pmFat PicnicSunday sessions from 4:00pm

24jul7:00 pmManoaFREE ENTRY | 7:00pm

25jul4:00 pmShaun KirkFREE ENTRY | SUNDAY SESSIONS

30jul6:00 pmDan HannafordFREE ENTRY | 6:00pm

31jul5:00 pmJosh LovegroveFree Entry | 7:00pm


01aug4:00 pmBullhornSunday Sessions | 4:00pm

06aug6:00 pmSarah GrantFREE ENTRY | 6:00pm

07aug7:00 pmHarry NicholsFREE ENTRY | 7:00pm

08aug4:00 pmSalt and SteelSunday sessions from 4:00pm

13aug6:00 pmScott Day-Vee

15aug4:00 pmRound Mountain GirlsSunday sessions from 4:00pm

20aug4:00 pmAndy Jans BrownFriday from 6:00pm

21aug7:00 pmGinBuggsFree Entry 7:00pm

22aug4:00 pmCatchpoleSunday sessions from 4:00pm

27aug6:00 pmBen WhitingFREE ENTRY | 6:00pm

28aug7:00 pmJosh Lee Hamilton

29aug4:00 pmJordan Mac BandFree Entry | 4:00pm


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No Events

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