In a sunny beer-garden on Australia Day, 2017, The Hotel Brunswick held its second annual prawn peeling contest, "The Prawnies". Inspired by the age-old Aussie tradition of a freshly-peeled prawn roll, a cold beer and a bit of competition, "The Prawnies" attracted participants of all ages and ability. Aiming for a result of 6 plate-ready, de-veined, perfectly-peeled prawns, Heat times varied from 55 seconds to 6 minutes! Our consistently discerning Judge set and kept the standard high. The kids' Heat beat a few of the adult Heats... a promising sign for future "Prawnies" champions. A Final Peel-Off was mostly contested by fast female fingers, leaving the blokes a bit behind, and ultimately won by Joy, our first "Queen Prawnie". Long may she reign... at least till next Australia Day.