Fresh from high school, it wasn’t long before he was seen as a local icon amongst other Byron settlers as well as visitors and music lovers from all over the world. His powerful vocals, reminiscent of the Counting Crows, Billy Joel, and Bernard Fanning, strike a chord with listeners, resonating strength and love through acoustic guitar. Now at the age of 27 he is an accomplished soloist performing to crowds at venues all around Queensland, and is adored by many. Unique, talented, and vibrant, he’s now known as “the man with a big voice”, and an even bigger heart. 

Biggy P, or Paul van den Hoorn, was born in Adelaide and his passion for music rings true to his upbringing and the music that he grew up with. Throughout high school he was influenced by greats such as Dave Matthews and Damien Rice. “I love acoustic rock, but I guess I have varying degrees of influence.Slash was an early hero of mine, as well as John Hiatt for his song writing. ‘Have A Little Faith In Me’ is one of my favourite songs. But if you were going to ask me what inspires me these days, I would honestly have to say that the local musicians in Brisbane make this dream a reality for me every week. Seeing them at local showcases and watching artists grow makes me feel inspired to do the same and I’m grateful for them.”

Biggy P has shared the stage with many great local talents including Vic Kena, Matt Seaburg and Timber, and has been in the spotlight making various media appearances. He’s performed at many iconic venues such as The Beach Hotel in Byron Bay, The Paddo in Brisbane, Alloneword in Fortitude Valley and Tempo on Brunswick Street. His personality is infectious as crowds see this fellow come to life the minute he picks up a guitar. Laughing with the boys on stage and moving crowds with the roar of rock that can only be sung by the man himself, he really just casts an energy into the atmosphere and it’s received with open arms.